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About Us.

Cozy shop serving fine wines, craft beers and your favorite spirits both domestic and abroad. Come in for a look, stay for an experience and find your next beverage exploration. Check out our featured monthly 3 packs.



Italy's Piedmont wine region

This featured 3-pack is from Italy's Piedmont Wine region and highlights three regional

wines; a delicious white made from the Cortese grape, a personal favorite ‘under the

radar’ red wine from Alba and finally an iconic and age worthy red wine made from the

king grape of the entire region; Nebbiolo. Buy one each of these wines and receive 10% off.

Our Wine 3-Packs


France's Loire Valley Featured 3 Pack

This featured 3-pack is from the Loire Valley in the central region of France. This pack highlights three of the region's best known grape varietals; Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc.



The Bordeaux Bundle

This featured 3- pack hails from one of the most popular wine regions in the world; Bordeaux. This pack highlights three of the most popular grape varietals ;An easy everyday red blend, classic white blend of semillon and sauvignon blanc, and a highly rated Merlot from the Saint-Emilion region.

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